Finding your Flow


This experience is a chance to reset, reflect and re-imagine your life. Immersed in an wilderness adventure far from distractions of technology, giving you space to deeply reflect and realign to where your energy is naturally flowing. This journey will help you apply long-term, positive mindset strategies, release your inner child and move towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Being in canoes creates a platform for a much more intimate understanding of self and the water. It is not like the gun-ho, guided experience of a rafting adventure. Instead boats are paddled in pairs, facilitating an opportunity for participants to develop trust, communication and understanding with their canoeing partners, as well as experiencing first hand the outcome of their paddling decisions. The Nymboida river has a safe, drop-pool style, so capsizes and mistakes are harmless fun, with ample room to collect our wits and process our experiences in the calm pools below.

The excitement of the rapids is well complemented by the peaceful, pristine, natural gorges that engulf us as we venture further downstream. Wilderness campsites far from civilisation provide the backdrop for impressive stargazing opportunities,as we commune around the campfire by night. 

Diving deep into motivational discussions, immersed in the spaciousness that nature supplies, and embracing the adventure of learning new skills, meditation practices and self-reflection exercises, this journey invites you to experience a new state of well-being and alignment that we hope you can carry forwards as you realign your life to your true calling. Because when you are able to operate from that feel-good place, you’re in a position to better be yourself and contribute to your community.


This experience is an ultimate catalyst for personal growth, Finding Your Flow is all about taking the time to contemplate, reflect and redirect your life so its energy is flowing in a direction you desire. Immersed in an wilderness adventure far from distractions of technology, giving you space to deeply reflect and realign. This journey will help you apply long-term, positive mindset strategies, release your inner child and become the best version of yourself!

A holistic adventure for adults designed to reconnect you with your truth and help you find more flow in your life. With a unique blend of contemplation, compassion, connection, play and challenge, this journey invites you to rediscover your natural wellness and decide what to invite into your life.

Combining guided morning wellness practices and self-reflection exercises, with a multi-day whitewater journey, this is the perfect opportunity to reset your mind, body and soul

All while viscerally experiencing a deepened connection to nature and co-existing in a small, nomadic community, immersed in an adventurous journey – a wonderful combination for re-setting your intentions and designing a life you really would love to live.

JOIN us from:

13-18th of Feb 2024

6 days, 5 nights of campfire discussions, guided morning wellness and self-reflection exercises, canoeing rapids, cooking on the campfire and having great fun.

What’s Included:

Morning wellness sessions to inspire you to create your own daily practice

Qualified & experienced Whitewater Instructors & Guides to keep you safe on the water

Delicious Nutritious Food for your entire stay – Featuring: Local, Organic, Sustainable produce

Wilderness Camping under more than 5 stars, with nights spent sharing stories by the fire


Canoes, Paddles, Barrels, Lifejackets, Helmets and all other rescue gear

Wilderness First Aid kit and Satellite Phone

Campsites, National Park Permits & Car Shuttles


Tent, Sleeping Mattress hire

Tent and Sleeping Mattresses can be hired by adding them to your cart.

On this journey you will gain the knowledge know-how and confidence to;

  • Connect better with yourself, others, and the environment
  • Get in touch with your inner child and bring back some fun into your life
  • Better understand your thoughts feelings and emotions*
  • Self-regulate when you’re feeling challenged, triggered, or uncomfortable*
  • Approach difficult conversations with the support of nonviolent communications techniques*
  • Minimise negative self-talk*
  • Discover your life purpose and find your flow

*You will be invited to practice the art of this in real time, as the nature of living communally on a wilderness journey will produce many opportunities for you to experience, process and move through these states, supported by your leaders and peers, so you can feel confident to do the same in future situations.

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