How we give back to the world

Planting Trees

We plant a tree for every person who joins us on a journey. If you're lucky enough to come to the Clarence River Wilderness Lodge, you might even get to help do it yourself!

Regenerating the landscape that surrounds and supports the river we paddle, one that was greatly impacted by the bushfires and floods, and appreciates any new growth/soil stabilisation/ native food sources and  fresh air contributors.

Solar Power & Composting

Our offices are powered by the sun and your food waste (pre-and post digestion) becomes valuable nutrients for those trees we planted above. Thanks in advance!


Supporting Sustainable Food Systems

All our catered trips draw on a web of local biodynamic and organic farmers, who give back to the landscapes that produce our food. We showcase fun, interactive and different ways of eating sustainably - so come with an open mind and a hungry belly!