The best way to get river fit for our journeys

Our top tips for feeling confident that your body is up for our adventures

  1. Try Movnat – our journeys are in a wilderness setting far from footpaths and paved roads, where you and your body will need to navigate rocky and sometimes slippery terrain. Practicing movements that develop your balance and ability to negotiate uneven surfaces will set you up for less slips. Movnat are the natural movements specialists and send out free sample sessions weekly if you sign up to their newsletter. A great way to improve your overall mobility and trust in your body.
  1. Go for a paddle every now and then – maybe your uncle has a canoe in his backyard that’s half full of water, or your daughter has a sit on top that you used to take camping. Whether it’s a SUP, sea kayak or row boat, dust it off, and try to fit in a halfy or hour paddle once a fortnight to get your body used to the movements. Increasing this to two to three times a week if you can fit it in, will have you raring to go. A lot of canoe clubs or city councils offer free come and try sessions, so keep and eye out for these
  1. Go Swimming or surfing. Any exercise that improves your arm and core strength and endurance, is helpful to prepare for our journeys. We’ll support you regardless, but coming with a base level of endurance will make your experience more enjoyable.

We believe that with an open mind, a sense of adventure and a willingness to update us with how you are feeling and how best to support you, we can make our river journeys accessible for everyone, regardless of your fitness level or ability.