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Somewhere, under all the layers of your amazing existence, squeezed between the roles you play, your thoughts, sensations and emotions is an amazing resource – your inner wellness. A blueprint designed specifically for you – it knows what you need to do to feel good in every moment. We create journeys so you can rediscover this feeling. The feeling of balance, energy and connection, with yourself and the amazing world around you. Your potential for health is abundant and we want to share this with you. Come and Re-discover Your Natural Wellness

Our journey facilitators are so passionate about natural wellness, they have put their own livelihoods on the line, to lead by example. We are constantly endeavouring to practice what we preach and share our own journeys with you.

Everytime we encourage you to immerse yourself in a moment of mindfulness, search for the gratitude in a situation, to be brave and express your emotions freely, or embrace the excitement of a challenge, know this is something we do too. Everyday.

We are passionate about influencing the world positively, through collaboration, creativity and adventure. We believe nature is innately wise, and so are you, so when you immerse yourself in the natural world it is like a collective meeting of wisdom, and wellness and learning will follow.

If you would like to rediscover your natural wellness come and JOIN us on a Holistic Adventures,. Or lay the foundations for lifelong wellness by having your kids experience one of our Wild Kid journeys. We also Transform Teams by facilitating workshops and camps. Please explore our site and feel free to JOIN our community for updates, adventure inspiration, special deals and newsletters.

Holistic Adventures

Looking to escape the hectic pace of modern life and unplug from technology? Want an opportunity to practice the art of being still, being here and being present? Craving an adventure, a chance to connect with like-minded people, and that feeling of accomplishment that results when you push yourself beyond what you thought was possible? Then our Holistic Adventures are for you!

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Go out and adventure with us
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Wild Kids

Looking to cultivate your child’s sense of Wonder and Curiosity? Struggling to tear them away from the screen and incorporate Green time into their week?

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Team Transformations

Looking for an experience that will help empower your team and allow them to reach their full potential?

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Team Transformations

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About Us

JOIN is an Australian Owned, Northern NSW based company created to facilitate outdoor journeys so that you, regardless of your experience level, age or background can:

  • Experience the joys of Living Simply
  • Reconnect with your surroundings and let Nature Nurture you
  • Feel the benefits of eating Local, Sustainable, Organic foods
  • Create communities of like-minded people
  • Venture beyond your comfort zone
  • Leave having Revitalised your Mind, Body and Soul

We love the energy and power that is hidden within the natural world and the unpredictability that comes with exploring it. It reminds us to:

  • Be in the Moment
  • Go with the Flow
  • Be Spontaneous & Creative
  • Have No Expectations
  • Trust our Intuition

As leaders, we love that there are so many dynamics beyond our control in the wild, and will do our best to ensure that you are safe and still have that smile on your face, wherever our path may lead.

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