The art of mindfulness in the moments of chaos

It’s all well and good to go off to a meditation retreat, to spend 10 days in silence or a few months refining the ability to drift off to a beach in bali with 20 minutes of focused breathwork, but when do you get to practice mindfulness in the moment? In the midst of the chaos? While you’re being challenged to grow from all angles – introspectively, communally and physically? Well come join us and we’ll give you a chance to experience that for yourself!

Being in canoes creates a platform for a much more intimate understanding of self and the water. It is not like the gun-ho, guided experience of a rafting adventure. Instead boats are paddled in pairs, facilitating an opportunity for participants to develop trust, communication and understanding with their canoeing partners, as well as experiencing first hand the outcome of their paddling decisions. While we’ll teach you all the skills necessary to navigate the obstacles, the refinement of working together to do this takes time and patience, allowing you to bond beforehand over plenty of shared experiences that potentially didn’t go to plan. We believe the ability to laugh at adversity is a life-skill not practiced enough!

The Nymboida & Clarence Rivers have a safe drop-pool style, so capsizes and mistakes are harmless fun, and there is ample room to collect our wits and process our experiences in the calm pools below. While we will expose you to bouts of chaos to stimulate growth opportunities, we won’t rush the act of processing them. This is where the real magic happens.

Plus, the excitement of the rapids is well complemented by the peaceful, pristine, natural gorges that engulf us as we venture further downstream. Wilderness campsites, far from civilisation, provide the backdrop for impressive stargazing opportunities as we commune around the campfire by night. Heartbeats slowing, exhales lengthening, eyelids softening, yet souls sparkling with life.