Wellness in the Wildness of the world


The excitement of the rapids is well complemented by the peaceful, pristine, natural gorges that engulf us as we venture further downstream. Wilderness campsites far from civilisation provide the backdrop for impressive stargazing opportunities as we commune around the campfire by night.

Being in canoes creates a platform for a much more intimate understanding of self and of the water. It is not like the gun-ho, guided experience of a rafting adventure. Instead boats are paddled in pairs, facilitating an opportunity for participants to develop trust, communication and understanding between good mates, as well as experiencing first hand the outcome of their paddling decisions. The Clarence river has a safe, drop-pool style, so capsizes and mistakes are harmless fun, with ample room to collect our wits and process our experiences in the calm pools below.

We use the river as a powerful metaphor. As we negotiate the rapids in our canoes, we will also be exploring and negotiating our inner lives. Through group work, games, exercises and personal reflection we will build resilience and connection giving you both a treasured experience that you will draw from for years to come!


A long weekend of nature immersion intended to give you time and space away from the chaos, a little dose of digital detox, and an immersive experience that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and recharged and ready to navigate life again with a bit more spring in your step. A unique combination of quality nourishing meals, morning wellness sessions, chilly swims, mindfulness, canoeing, campfires and a chance to design your own recipe for wellness, all while embracing the spectacular sunrises, sunsets and solitude.

Join us on:

6-8th May 2022

3 days, 2 nights of recharging


Clarence River Wilderness Lodge

What’s Included:

Delicious Nutritious Food for your entire stay – from lunch on Friday, to a wholesome lunch on Sunday. Featuring: Local, Organic, Sustainable produce.

Wilderness Camping under more than 5 stars, with nights spent sharing stories by the fire (or book a tree hut or cabin at Clarence River Wilderness Lodge)

Facilitated activities to encourage rejuvenation, reflection and wellness inspiration

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